Ms. Michael M. Moon, PhD

Human Capital Management Research and Analytics Consultant

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Interview of Michael Moon by Paul Hebert: What You Wish You'd Known

​​Dr. Michael M. Moon is the Principal Analyst and Founder of ExcelHRate, an HCM Consultancy that provides advisory and research services to HCM vendors and corporations. Dr. Moon's areas of expertise/research focus include: performance/talent management, employee engagement, social technology use in the workplace, culture (trust), learning, HR measurement and analytics, HR technology and social network analysis.

Prior to starting her own firm, Dr. Moon, most recently served as the Research Director for Aberdeen Group’s Human Capital Management practice. Prior to Aberdeen Group, Dr. Moon worked as a HCM Researcher for the Institute for Corporate Productivity and also has more than 15 years of experience as an HR practitioner, working for Thomson Reuters, Vistaprint, Aon Hewitt, Raytheon and John Hancock. She is a highly sought speaker on the topics of HR analytics, social technology adoption in organizations, wellbeing and employee engagement.

Dr. Moon is an expert in helping organizations to understand how to harness the connective power of social technology in the workplace in order to facilitate greater levels of social capital and to strengthen relationships between employees creating a culture focused on "We", rather than one focused on,"Me". She received her PhD in Human Capital Management from Bellevue University and her Master’s in HR from Suffolk University. Dr. Moon is also a member of Actor's Equity and resides just outside of Boston with her beautiful daughter, Mia.